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This is fun, Mrs. Subdivided...you should do this more often!

The ones I think I know:

1. John Lennon
2. Do I know this song? Hum a few bars for me...
3. Mick Jagger
4. Tom Petty
5. Original version there's another somebody?
6. Michael Jackson
7. Don't know...but I'll guess Michael Stipe
8. Sting sings "I Want My MTV"
9. Actually don't know...but I'll guess Iggy Pop
10.James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt
11.James Taylor
12. Daryl Hall
13. B-52s woman...I don't know her name
14. Captain Lou Albano? Actually...I don't know.
15. Der Stinger again I think...
16. David Bowie


Very surprised that Joe didn't know #9. I'm pretty sure that the person in #5 (who is just one of several singers in the chorus) wasn't famous until later. She sang backup on a number of Elton's early songs, at least until she discovered the magic of singing about rodents in love.


Oops...I should've remembered this...Fame includes our old pal John, doesn't it?


13. Is indeed the B-52's woman - Kate Pierson


I only got 3, 4, 8, 13, and 16.

Mick Jagger singing background vocals on "You're So Vain" is my favorite music trivia question of all time. Ironic, obvious, and elusive.


Here is the complete list with the guest singer(s) noted. I gave you all a freebe since I accidentally listed #1 with the answer instead of the artist.

1. Whatever gets You Through The Night - Elton John

2. Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone - Bryan Adams

3. You’re So Vain - Mick Jagger

4. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around - Tom Petty

5. Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me - Toni Tennille

6. Somebody's Watching Me - Michael Jackson

7. A Campfire Song - Michael Stipe

8. Money for Nothing - Sting

9. Fame - John Lennon

10. Heart of Gold - Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor

11. Higher Love - Chaka Khan

12. The Only Flame in Town -Darryl Hall

13. Shiny Happy People - Kate Pierson from B-52’s

14. Change of Heart - The Bangles

15. Take Me Home - Sting

16. Under Pressure - David Bowie


That's funny...I completely spaced out that #1 was actually a John song primarily and not an Elton song...so I didn't pay attention to your Elton slip.

I was thinking James Taylor singing with Steve Winwood in Back in the High Life Again and not Higher Love with Chaka Khan.


Speaking of James Taylor -- it's not a well-known song, but JT singing with Mark Knopfler on "Sailing to Philadelphia" is sublime.

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